Monday, October 26, 2009

4 weeks

Faethe gives Katsuk a break- she is very tolerant
Kotick tries to grab a slurp
Luckily Faethe is almost finished with her AKC CH because she will be missing half her ears pretty soon!
The pups explore their new daytime pen.
Raksha taunts her brothers.
Raksha in the middle of play again- she is a wild girl
We are running out of room at the milkbar! I like Hathi's sideways sneak.
Now Nathoo comes in from the top
Kila is now allowed some close, supervised play time with the puppies
The pups love new playmates
The first meal went very well. Unfortunately, I did not get a lot of fun pictures of messy pups. They were too good and went right to eating.
Darzee and Raksha clean off faces
Hathi is the first one in- no wonder he is 1lb heavier than the nearest pup!
Yumm!! Mom's foot is a good substitute for a toy
Jiggles checks out the pups
Cornelia is the one that babysits the pups the most
Chili joins in on the fun
Darzee tries out the TV tray
Akela- 4 weeks
Akela- he is a nice middle of the road pup in temperament
Sahi- 4 weeks
Sahi is also a just plain nice pup
Raksha found the first aid kit and decides to check it out. She unzipped it in seconds- smart girl!
Raksha plays with her new sheep
Raksha may be a spitfire but she is also a big cuddler and always is the first pup to me when called
Raksha looking like an angel- she doesn't fool me!
Nathoo - 4 weeks (Akela is snoozing in the background- looking very cute)
Nathoo plays with Faethe. He and Darzee are the first to do everything and the first into everything. He is very bold
Nathoo recharges for more action
He is zonked
Darzee tries to resist falling asleep-he is the most playful pup and runs around shaking every toy and zooms around every space.
Darzee needs to make sure nothing is going on before he takes a nap
There goes Darzee
This is the closest I could get to a shot of him standing still
Hathi(tawny) tries to hamstring Bagheera
Hathi snoozes. He is my laziest pup and my largest pup. When he does play, he wades right in like the elephant he is named after. Luckily he is good natured
Bagheera finds a comfy corner
Bagheera checks out the tv- he is a very sweet pup and almost never gets into mischief
Kotick- 4 weeks- he is a watch before doing type pup and is very smart. He will watch the other pups try to scramble around a gate and will then go right around it. He is my most cuddly pup and loves people.
Kotick snoozes
More nap time- he just looks so sweet

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