Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 Weeks

I breathe a sigh of relief whenever my litters turn 2 weeks old. If pups make it to two weeks of age, then they have a very high chance of survival. I limit my pups exposure to my adult dogs until they are a few weeks old as my dogs come to work with me every day and are exposed to hundreds of dogs at my job as a dog trainer. The pups are healthy and vigerous and now have open eye. They are starting to play and will all scoot over to the side of the whelping box and squawk at me when they see me. They know I mean food as Katsuk appears whenever I appear. This week saw our first guests- other breeders, Chinook owners, and some puppy applicants all stopped by to see the brood. Because their eyes are recently open, ( and I don't know how to turn off my camera flash) I did not take any close up shots this week unless pups were asleep.
Akela and Raksha snuggle...
...and then decide to check out the alligator
Entertaining visitors is so tiring. I like Kotick's cute belly-up and Raksha is already prepping for the Chinook contortions
Awww, mom! Don't clean up in front of guests!
The pups settle into the recently cleaned pen- who will be the first to potty in it?
The pups have a snack while I clean up the whelping box. As soon as I pull the sheets off the sides of the box, the pups know it is cleaning time and they come running...well, stumbling...over to me. I pick them up, check them over, and set them on a blanket with Katsuk. It amazes me how easily they get into the routine. Even before they had eyes open, they would make their way over to me to be picked up.
Everyone cuddles for a nap
Katsuk is very relaxed about guests visiting the pups- the pups are pretty laid back about it also.
Settling for a nap
Zonked out
Katsuk and the pups sleep in the middle of a house full of guests
I love his sleeping position!!
Cornelia Marie and Chili wait patiently on a chair while everyone says hi to the babies- Cornelia would rather be with the puppies.

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