Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Arrivals

Katsuk blessed me with a healthy litter of 8 puppies on Friday, September 25, 2009. There are 7 males and 1 female. The puppies registered names will be after the books of The Jungle Book. I have not matched up pups with their respective names yet(except for the light boy who will, obviously, be Moonsong's The White Seal), it will all depend on the pups personalities and input from the new owners. The options for names are: Rikki Tikki Tavi, Tiger Tiger, Darzee's Chant, Lukkannon, Seeonee Pack, Bander-log, The White Seal, The Law of the Jungle, and The Jungle Book.
The tawny boys
Mr. Red has a HUGE head which does not come through in this picture. He is also the largest pup at 1lb 4oz.
The sole girl. She is going to be one tough nut with all these brothers!
Black and tan boys.
Since Mr. Biscuit already has this much color, I expect he will be a darker 'buff' puppy when he grows. Time will tell.
Katsuk checks in with her pups. She is an extremely devoted mother and is showing these pups just as much care as her first litter. She is eating and drinking well...if I put the food in the whelping box and offer her water the same way. She will go out to potty if I make her but does her business and is right inside. She did permit the rest of the pack to greet the pups but would flicker her lip if they did more than sniff over the box- except for Chili. She let Chili in the box with her to clean puppy butts. Cornelia Marie is very interested in the babies and spends all day staring through the baby gate at the whelping box. She can't wait to be an aunt!

Good job Katsuk!!