Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week One

A week has gone by and the pups are very fat and healthy. Katsuk is maintaing her weight as well and looks like a dairy cow when she stands up! The pups are more vocal and much more mobile. Some are up on their feet and tottering around, while some are still mostly crawling with a little walking action when they really want to get to mom for a snack.
Raksha and Katsuk snuggle. Katsuk is attentive to all her pups but she is certainly most doting on her only daughter.
Raksha, formerly Miss Nude
Raksha is a pretty sedate little girl. I wonder how she will be in a few weeks with 7 brothers to influence her!
Hathi (fka Mr. Red) is a moose! He is the largest pup and is certainly not suffering from lack of nutrition. That is why his puppy name is the elephant from the Jungle Book. He might be the last one to get up from his nap and get to the milk bar but he always ends up in the best spot. He just bulldozes in.
Look at the schnozz on Hathi-looks like a little bulldog!
Nathoo (fka Mr. Black)
Akela (fka naked)
Darzee (fka Mr. Yellow)
Kotick (fka Mr. Biscuit)
Sahi (fka Mr. White)
Bagheera (fka naked B&T)
Katsuk looks like she needs a break. I am still having to call her out of her box for potty breaks but did find her snoozing outside of the box for the first time today. I expected her to be a little more lax with this litter versus her first litter but she is very doting. She allows the other dogs to peek in but the pups are still too young for a lot of dog interactions yet. Kila, Alsea, and Chili are all lactating so once the pups are more mobile, they will be even fatter, with 4 sets of drinking fountains!! I will have to make sure they don't get too fat to walk!!!
Cornelia sneaks in while Katsuk is out. She is soooo excited over pups. How excited? Her ears are not normally prick ears but whenever she is with the pups, they stand straight up!! I have never seen anything like it. She did the same when visiting the Rain Mountain pups a few weeks ago. She is just overwhelmed with desire to be with pups and lays at the doorway and stares at the box all day, waiting for her chance to jump in and play Auntie. She has not yet been in season so her teats are still undeveloped, much to the dismay of the pups who search her for a drink in vain. She is as happy as a pig in mud though, and will be a really good babysitter when the pups are older.
Brett and Rosie came for a visit this week while their custodial owner was at a work conference. They were a nice distraction for the other dogs who are feeling a little neglected since the pups arrived. Brett snuffled the pups and then spent the rest of the week flirting with the girls. Rosie was mildly interested but prefered to play with the adult dogs. She managed to lure Cornelia away from the whelping room for some games of chase and wrestling.
Brett, Rosie, and Cornelia stop a game of tag to watch the neighbor take out the trash. Chili and Faethe were across the yard but are camera hogs and always come and sit in front of my camera when I am taking pics. I often have to tell them to go away or lie down in order to get a shot without them!
Brett looking very handsome.
Rosie relaxes after a day of entertaining my dogs and watches White Fang. She watched the whole movie...
...and occasionally got up to get a closer look.

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