Sunday, October 18, 2009

3 Weeks

The puppies started to come alive this week. I had a few puppies overboard at 2 1/2 weeks old so they now have a xpen surrounding the whelping box and I let Katsuk in to feed them and then go let her out when she is done. Their personalities are starting to emerge. They are getting louder and I love the sound of puppy growls and barks when they are playing. They are much more active and I put out a large quilt so they can scoot around the living room every day and interact with the big dogs and any visitors. Even with this increased vigor, their favorite activities are still eating, sleeping, and pottying!
Cornelia knows she needs to suck up to Katsuk before playing with the puppies
Bagheera, Darzee, and Sahi
Sahi passes out at the table
Playtime- the pups still will drop off into a deep sleep in the middle of playing. Darzee, Raksha, and Hathi snooze as the other pups play over them
ok, ok we'll play too
All that play makes us thirsty
Some pups like chewing on toys, some like chewing on each other, and some like their own feet!
Cornelia helps referee some living room time
Nathoo and Raksha
More drinking This bar is getting crowded
snoozing on mom
Darzee and Raksha think mom's ear and face make good toys
Kila and Hathi check each other out. I like Kila's bug eyes.
Kila and Akela meet. Kila needs to be in a down-stay in order to see the pups. She is too rambunctious otherwise. That said, she loves the puppies and can't wait until they they bigger and sturdier so she can bounce them around
Hathi snoozing
The pups check out Faethe- her curly coat is a particular favorite of all puppies. It is like biting onto a sheep
Raksha has her turn mowing down on Faethe's feet. Luckily Faethe is almost finished with her Championship- I don't know if she will have hair left after this litter!
Faethe does some checking out of her own
Darzee likes the rope toy
Darzee snoozing- he has almost caught up with Hathi in size and they are noticeably bigger than any of the other pups.
Nathoo sasses Cornelia
Cornelia helps to clean puppy butts
The big boys- Hathi and Darzee
Akela is an ear man
Akela uses Bagheera as a pillow
Uh Oh- Akela already shows interest in electronics!!

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