Monday, November 2, 2009

Week 5

The pups started using their Weana Feeda system this week. It is supposed to help prevent food guarding as pups get their own bowls and don't need to compete for food. I like it because it helps me make sure each pup is getting a full share.
Mmmmmm...the pups love meal time!
Raksha, Darzee, and Nathoo decide to invade the toybox...after they have dragged all the toys out
Raksha shows off her prize
Chili and the pups, moments before she regurgitates some food for the puppies. It is interesting how much instinct dogs retain from their days in the wild
Chili plays with the puppies
Cornelia takes over babysitting duty. She LOVES the puppies and rarely is away from them for more than a moment
Raksha sees a tasty bug and Darzee starts his career as a digger
Hathi follows a good smell
Nathoo leads Akela on a trek around the side of the house
play time
more play- I love Nathoo's expression of puppyhood ( to the left, in the middle)
Cornelia and Hathi play while Kotick chews a bone
Poor Katsuk- she is a good mom and does not want to tell them NO
Nathoo thinks the pinecones will make good toys
Bagheera and Sahi snooze together
Kotick is a good self entertainer- a trait that I appreciate in a puppy
Hathi falls asleep while chewing a bone
The puppies enjoy visitors. One of the things I like about placing puppies locally is a built in pool of puppy socializers! Here a family, who owns a pup from my first Moonsong litter, comes by to play with the current litter
fun times
Sahi enjoys a rest

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