Saturday, November 28, 2009

8 weeks

The pups are 8 weeks old now and are starting to leave for their new homes. This has been both my most challenging litter and also the most fun. They are very gregarious and fearless and seem to be lacking that Chinook aloofness but they were also very mischevious and were whirlwinds! For all their activity, they were the best litter when it came to chewing...they didn't!! I did not lose a single non dog item to the puppies this time...a first:-)

Raksha is now Moonsong Rikki Tikki Tavi and she will be staying with the Moonsong pack as a show/breed potential female
Sahi, now Moonsong Tiger, Tiger, plays tug with Faethe
Darzee tells Akela a secret while Kotick nuzzles up to AlseaIt is amazing how giving puppies a piece of paper can keep them occupied for quite a while
Jiggles takes a break from the puppies and curls up under the warm lamp
Akela resists the call of naptime
Raksha looking cute
Katsuk is STILL nursing!
Nathoo is now Moonsong Seonee of Boreayl and is a show/breed potential male living in Ohio
This living room was clean 5 minutes ago!
Kotick is now known as Moonsong The White Seal
Hathi is now Moonsong Law of the Jungle and is a show/breeding potential pup here in Washington
Darzee is now Moonsong Darzee's Chant
Playing chase during a break at work
A sour cream container makes another great toy
Bagheera, now Moonsong Lukkannon Rain, is a breed potential pup living in Washington
Alsea plays with Akela
Akela is now Moonsong The Jungle Book and he is going to live in New York as a show/breed potential pup.
Akela zooms by with a pinecone
The pups enjoy a visit to the 4H club we have at work. It is a great way to socialize the pups to children. Everyone has a good time
Kotick looks very content


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